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For businesses in any industry, the key to success is knowing your audience. Social media makes this possible, and easier to accomplish that with tools like CapSol.  Cherokee Group Solution has released CapSol just recently and now you can monitor social media traffic, structured data feeds and unstructured data feeds to identify keywords you're specifically looking for. Now take that information and process it through our very sophisticated and patented algorithms, CapSol helps identify opportunities and allow you to take action.

Social Media - CapSol

Social Media Information comes in short spurts, being able to capture key phrases is and has been a challenge until now.

  1. CapSol can capture real time social data to determine what it means and track results.
  2. Ability to listen to communication
  3. Consolidates people and words to make decisions
  4. Producing a New Standard of analytics
  5. Support any output device and platform

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Big Data, Big Opportunity! By Frank Murry, published in April of 2012

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